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Your Desktop Computer, Without a Wireless Router

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If this is your network setup then you need to check for these common problems.

Is the power supply to the receiver on your roof plugged in?

   Often, power has been accidentally turned off by unplugging the power supply, or turning off a power bar that the power supply is plugged into.  Sometimes people have more than one power bar at their computer station and just because the computer is on doesn’t necessarily mean that all other devices have power. Especially if a second power bar under their desk is shut off.  Locate the Power Supply Unit (PSU), that powers up the receiver on your roof, and trace it back to where it is plugged in to the household power. Be sure that it is plugged in properly, and that there is power in that location.


Are all network cables plugged in?

   Check all network cables (Cat5e cables, similar to a telephone jack and cable, except a little bigger) starting at the back of your computer.
Unplug the Cat5e and plug it back in, ensuring that it clicks into place, for a proper connection.
From there, that cable will be plugged into the LAN port on the PSU. Unplug and plug that connection back in to ensure a proper connection.
There is a second connection (port) on the PSU, that connection labeled POE, sends power to the receiver on your roof.
You can unplug that connection, and wait 30 seconds before plugging it back in. That will power cycle the receiver on your roof.
After 2 minutes it will connect the receiver on your roof back up to our towers.
You can then check to see if your computer has an internet connection. (Open your web browser and go to
If you have an internet connection, happy surfing!  If not, then reboot your computer. Then check for an internet connection again.  If you don’t have an internet connection at that time.  Give us a call at 345-8076.

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