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Connecting You

Before one of our technicians come out to do your
installation, there are a few things you need to consider.

1. Have you ever used the internet,  or a computer before?

We recommend that you have some knowledge of computers before we install you. “READ THE MANUAL”  that came with your computer.  Give yourself a few hours of getting to know your computer, so when we come to install you, you are familiar with some of the things we are explaining to you.

2. Is your computer ready and capable of running internet applications?

Does your computer have enough “horse power” to run antivirus, web browsers, flashplayer, and media player all at once?  Also some older computers only have dial-up modems, which are not compatible with our receiver.  We suggest that if you are not sure, stop in at your local computer shop with your computer to confirm that your computer has some sort of network card.  You are investing a considerable amount to connect with us, a good used $200.00 CPU can go a long way in making your internet experience easy and fun.

3. Do you have antivirus protection on your computer? 

Before using our service, you must have antivirus protection on your computer.  Don’t wait till tomorrow to install it.  There are some good free antivirus programs out there,  so there is no excuse for not having good protection.  Be sure and update your antivirus regularly.  Daily, if possible.

4. Do you agree to our TERMS OF SERVICE?

You must agree to our terms of service before using our service. (The Terms of Service Agreement can be read by clicking on the link below.)



Terms of Service