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Setting up Your Email Account.

  “There are several things to consider before setting up your account.”

1. You will require an email account to correspond with Waterside Wireless.

If you are a long time user of the internet, you probably already have email accounts with other email providers.
You may have a hotmail account (, or a gmail account (, or even an email account where you work.
If you already have other email accounts that you use, you will still be able to access them while you are hooked to the internet through Waterside.

2.  If you have an email account with your current Internet Service Provider, and you are cancelling your service with them, that email account may also be cancelled.

If this is the case, and you need to keep that email account,  contact them, and they should be able to keep that account active for a small monthly fee.

3.  If you have no current email account, then we recommend a gmail account… You can create one at