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" Your Locally Owned and Operated Wireless Internet Service Provider."
P.O. Box 1537, 32 PR 502 N.
Lac du Bonnet, MB. ROE 1A0

 Office            204-345-8076
 Ken               204-345-3435
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Latest News

Sept. 2014 - Announcing A New 5 Mbps Residential Package

New For 2015
Increased Package Speeds
More Allowable Data Per Package
And Also Now Available... Extended Data Packages.

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                                            Low-Speed - $33.00 
                                            Mid-Speed  - $44.00 
                                            Hi-Speed    - $55.00
                                            Streaming  - $66.00
                                            Streaming Plus  - $77.00
                                            Business    - $99.00 

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