The WSEmail Server has had a change of address

If you access your wsemail through the WSEmail Webmail site then click this link

If you access your wsemail account through a Mail Client like Outlook or Windows Mail or Apple or Mac Mail then you will need to make changes to the settings in your Mail Client

If You Use Outlook or Windows Mail

Open your mail client
Under the Menu Items Choose "Tools"
Under Tools Choose "Accounts" or "Account Settings"
In the window that opens, highlight the wsemail account
Then click the "Change" or "Properties" button.
Now depending on which mail client you are using you will either be looking at the mail server names, or you may have to click on the servers tab to see them.
Locate the "Incoming Server Name" and change it from to
Do the same for the "Outgoing (SMTP) Server Name"
Then click on "More Settings" or the "Advanced" tab. (Depending on which mail client you are using.)
Be sure that the incoming and outgoing servers are set to use SSL (Usually by check marking the little box or using the drop down option)
The port numbers of the Incoming server should now read 995 and the Outgoing server should now read 465, If they don't then feel free to change them.
Be sure to click the apply button before exiting the page
Close your mail client for 30 seconds and then reopen it... All should be good.

If You Use Apple or Mac Mail

On your Apple or Mac device


You will see the SETTINGS SCREEN.  Scroll down to MAIL > CONTACTS > CALENDARS, and click on that:

Then click on the account you need to update (

As it's already established, you just choose it from the list of email accounts you have set up on your iPhone or iPad: 

Look for incoming mail sever settings

Be sure SSL is turned on and change the incoming mail server name to

Scroll down to change the OUTGOING SERVER


Now you will see a list of OUTGOING SERVERS that have been configured on your iPhone or iPad.  The one that is currently set to be used with this particular email account is at the top and highlighted: Primary Server. So click on that one.

Now you will see the settings for that PRIMARY OUTGOING SERVER:

Make sure that: SSL is ON and you will need to change the outgoing mail server to

Click Save or Done

If you can't find Save or Done then close the window and your Ipad should then ask you if you want to save the settings... choose yes or save.

Restart your Iphone or Ipad

It should now be working...

Please note... If you've been saving a copy of your messages on our server then you will likely receive all the saved messages.

You can delete the ones that you don't want...