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" Your Locally Owned and Operated Wireless Internet Service Provider."
P.O. Box 1537, 32 PR 502 N.
Lac du Bonnet, MB. ROE 1A0

 Office            204-345-8076
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Latest News

New For 2019

A New 7 Mbps Package & More Allowable Data Per Package

Also Available July 1st 2019 ... 4 New Extended Data Packages.



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Cottagers & Snowbirds

Important Information That You Need To Know

Seasonal Accounts

For only $5.95 per month, you can put your internet account to sleep. (Minimum 1 month - Maximum 8 months)
Or if you use security cameras, you can drop to our Monitoring Package while away. (Currently $34.99 per month plus taxes)
The Monitoring Package will still allow you live video access to your home or cottage.

Before You Pack Those Bags

Our invoicing department requires 45 days notice "by email" in the event that you want to put your account to sleep.
Please include in your email, your departure date as well as your estimated date of return.